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As optician Oogwereld Ebbing in Sint-Michielsgestel, we thought it would be nice to have our store as an exhibition space used by local artists, such as Marcel Rus. That became a fascinating experience.

The first thing that was noticed was the material use. Relief created by different textiles and materials, use of color that at first seems contradictory but ultimately harmoniously comes together and forms a different spatial feeling every time you look at it.

In short, we can say that we are glad that we have entered into this artistic adventure.

Patrick, of Oogwereld Ebbing, Sint-Michielsgestel

At exhibitions of Marcel’s work, I am always pleasantly surprised by the works he has made.

Marcel knows how to capture a timeless image in his paintings that is, and still is, striking because of the beautiful warm colors and the use of textiles.

The paintings of Marcel remain sparkling, to my imagination and are real acquisitions in my home.

Ellen Cooijmans, Cuijk

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