Privacy Statement

The personal information about the consumer is always handled with care. The consumer is in this case the buyer of artworks of Marcel Rus Art, and in privacy terms the person concerned, the producer or in privacy terms the controller is Marcel Rus Art.

This care is expressed in the following regulations:

  1. a) Only personal data that the consumer has provided is recorded. These are name, address, postal code, place of residence for the delivery of works of art, bank account and name for billing or repayment, collection of data for administration and telephone numbers for contact between consumer and producer.
  2. b) the said personal data of the consumer are not passed on to third parties other than address data for sending via the sending party and bank details for transfers via the bank.
  3. c) the said personal data of the consumer is retained from the moment the information is provided by the consumer until the moment of the termination of the relationship between consumer and producer.
  4. d) no special personal data are requested.
  5. e) requests from the consumer for the removal of personal data can be sent to the email address of Marcel Rus Art.
  6. f) the personal data regarding the collection of works of art is accessible to the consumer personally and Marcel Rus Art.

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