About me

Hey! I am Marcel Rus from the Netherlands, Sint-Michielsgestel. I am an artist since 2008. I make figurative abstract works. After a workshop I made the step towards working with different materials. Base is textile, where unnecessary clothing is recycled. I work a lot on wooden panels and with acrylic paint.

I want to proclaim a message with the aid of the artwork. The message is quite simple: keep wondering about the beauty of everyday. The sunbeam, the hugh of a child, the wind in your hair. Especially now that we are more often threatened in our daily lives, it is good to live in this moment. I regularly exhibit with a specific theme such as threat in the world or life events such as birth of my children. I have had exhibitions at the Vughts Historical Museum, Kultuurhuis Litsenborg, design shop Saliés, Gallery Living Art, Gallery Second Art and the Dutch Art Design Salon. I also regularly participate in open atelier routes in the municipality of Sint-Michielsgestel.

Former buyers of my artwork tells me that they appreciate the artworks for the bright use of color, the tangibility of the textiles and the peace it emanates. They also like to hear the story behind the artwork.

My artworks are tangible and continue to fascinate. They fit into any interior, from tight to rural, and are also affordable.

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©2022 Marcel Rus

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